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Visual Studio 97 (code name Boston). Boston is the code name for MS' all-in-one developer's solution, which is supposed to have a single integrated development environment that lets you use VB, VC++, VJ++, VFP 5.0 and Visual InterDev for programming, along with Visual SourceSafe for version control.

Page Contents
Windows95Running FoxPro Applications Under Windows95
How ToConverting Your Existing Applications to Visual FoxPro
ActiveXCreating ActiveX Components with the VFP API/LCK
Printing GuideA Guide to FoxPro and Windows Printing Behavior
Code SnippetsFoxPro Tips, Tricks and Cool Code Snippets
FoxPro FTP SiteFoxPro Related FTP Sites and Download Area
User ContributionsFoxPro User Contributions Form

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